Dating app reveals troubling racial preferences

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Kathryn stockett a photo lineups that serve them, buzzfeed violet: Do the photo-forward sites amplify or mitigate this? Is it different than other social media or similar? I definitely think that photo-forward site amplify racial preference in online dating. Even if it isn't intentional, people have some pretty racist dating preferences for some ridiculous reasons.

When services put it upfront and center, they are able to use their implicit bias without even have to think twice about why it exists. It's easier to just chalk it up to personal attraction or what "beauty" is. With online dating you're literally on there to be judged by others. And the judgment starts from the photo and there's no rolling regular updates that can show who or how you are in the day-to-day.

Two things come to mind -- people avoid meeting POC altogether, lol. Or they come into the interaction expecting a very one-dimensional person.

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Their views of POC fail to acknowledge how diverse the behaviors and cultures run amongst us. It ends up creating a lot of wasted time for POC when they realize they have to interact even if only briefly with a likely incomplete, objectifying view of them.

Black Bodies and the Dating World

What's your take on "white privilege" in dating? I think white privilege manifests in a very simple way in online dating. There is a hierarchy of the most desirable -- with white people on top of that hierarchy.

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  7. The closer you are to it, the better off you are. It's so prominent that in heterosexual dating; white men are preferred over men from the same race of other women. That just speaks volumes to me. I definitely think that taking emphasis away from looks is helpful in online dating. For example, when I was prompted to look at the top women on The Grade, they all were white thin women with the "highest grades," which meant special perks over the 'lesser" members.

    It just reinforces the idea that the most beautiful people who fit White Western beauty standards will be recognized as being wanted the most and thus rewarded.